We tackle the most difficult and least addressed climate challenges

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Theory of change

The transition to a net zero economy is underway but is not happening fast enough. We formed Valence to seek ways to catalyze more rapid change in the sectors that are hardest to abate, have the biggest potential for impact and are being addressed by the fewest other groups.

A famous quote attributed to President Eisenhower is that to solve an intractable problem, you should make it bigger. Our version of this holds that the best way to tackle the hardest climate problems is to bring many more ideas, mindsets and voices to the table.

This is more than just a simple convening job. Many of the people who need to be part of these solutions are on opposite sides of very wide ideological gulfs. To get them round the same tables in a meaningful way, we have to understand their different points of view very deeply, and know how to build trust and make human relationships.

We also believe there is an urgent need to create champions within existing organizations. We need people who are willing to face the most difficult climate challenges, even if it means bridging an ideological divide – and who are also willing to bring others in their organization along with them.

We hope that these champions can also be new and trusted messengers for fresh narratives that reflect both the common ground among all the varied players, and the points at which conversations become difficult; this way we aim to help focus a very wide set of powerful minds on what the real blockers are and what we could all do about them.

Ultimately, we are trying to help shift the approach to the most challenging climate problems from “whose fault is it?” to “how do we fix it, together?”

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What's in a name

  • Name: Valence

  • Pronounced: "Vay-lents"

  • Latin Root: Be Well or Strong

In chemistry and physics, valence is defined as the combining power of an element, and valence electrons are the part of an atom that can form a chemical bond. Valence is also defined as the capacity of one person to react with or affect another by facilitating a function or activity.

Valence Solutions is a fitting name for what we do. We make connections between sectors, between mindsets and between people. We bring together stakeholders who otherwise might not naturally gather around the same table, but whose collaboration is critical to address the global challenges they all face.

Our team

Between us, the Valence team has decades of experience working with major global corporations both directly and indirectly through strategic consultancies. We also have a long record of climate action and a deep personal commitment to solving the climate crisis, giving us close ties to leading NGOs and scientific experts. In addition, we understand the power of narratives, through a very substantial track record in media, publishing and speaking. We formed Valence to put all these skills together to help tackle the most difficult and least addressed climate challenges.

Our areas of expertise span:

  • Climate change science and policy
  • Energy transitions
  • Energy policy
  • Facilitating complex cross-sectoral collaborations
  • High level keynotes and moderating
  • Sustainability programmes
  • Finance, commodity trading, risk management
  • Climate-related financial risk and opportunities
  • Communications, publishing, writing, media
  • Innovative meeting design from small dinners to large international events