Ewa Merchel

about ewa

Ewa has close to 20 years’ experience of working in large corporates in the energy and automotive industries, across four continents in various commercial, strategy and sustainability roles. She is an economist by training and holds an MBA.

Following 2 years as a Marketing Director at MOL Industries (automotive and logistics equipment manufacturing) responsible for the company’s global marketing strategy, she spent the last decade designing and leading global sustainability programs (energy, transport, water and waste, resilient cities) and assessing impacts of climate change and energy transitions on the oil & gas business for Royal Dutch Shell.

In addition to her sustainability expertise, Ewa has a decade of commercial and operational oil & gas experience, having led Mergers & Acquisitions deals ranging in value from $50 million to $10 billion in China, Russia, Iraq, Southeast Asia and East Africa.

Before joining the Valence team, she worked in the Shell Scenarios team and led the global Energy Transitions Programme Office, which aims to help governments shape policy outcomes to aid attractive transitions and to help Shell address business risks and opportunities that will likely arise.


other facts

  • She has established start-up investments in Africa and Asia in renewables, mini-grids, gas to power, as well as water & utilities infrastructure
  • She volunteers with Aspire Foundation, mentoring women from non-for-profit organizations in the fields of sustainability and human rights (e.g. Save the Children, Red Cross, UNICEF etc)
  • Ewa is bilingual in Polish and English
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